Sports Physiotherapy

For Long Term Results

PhysioSteps thinks of everyone as high class athletes when it comes to their injuries and their recovery from them, even if you are far from it!

We believe that all injuries need to be treated at their root cause and built back to full performance, to not only make it feel better and to enable you to get back to what you love, but to also ensure that it is less likely to happen again. This goes for new and acute injuries to the more ongoing and older injuries that have been niggling for years. There is always something we can do to help it!

It is about looking at everything that is contributing and creating a rehabilitation program that targets that, and that also suits you, as the patient.

There is never only ONE thing contributing to a problem, for instance it is not all about strength, or lack of it!

All of our physios have experience working with people with sports injuries – from national representatives to those that are just trying to stay trim! 

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