Back Pain 

How to end Back Pain and Stiffness - Without relying on Medication, Resting or the GP

Don't just put up with it.

A massive 84% of the population get back pain at some point in their lives, and many of them more than once.


Being as common as it is, we see a lot of it here at PhysioSteps Selwyn and we have figured out the right treatment to put a stop to back pain.


Through a combination of Hands-On Treatment, expert diagnosis and Exercise prescription and progression, we have your back pain covered.


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More info about Back Pain

Low back pain is often misunderstood so not treated right but here at PhysioSteps, we like to make sure you are fully informed.

So, we have put together some great information below to help you understand back pain and ultimately we hope it means less people with back pain, less need for surgeries and less fear of back pain.


What is Low Back Pain:
The common perception is that often there is a structural injury. A joint sprain, muscle strain, disc injury or something "out of place". But, in reality, it often isn't the case and isn't so simple.
Often there is tissue overload and with that comes sensitisation or the neural system, loss of mobility and muscle spasm, which often blurs the picture.
Looking at back pain individually and taking the entire picture into account is so important in getting your back, back on track.
Low back pain is a combination of factors and not just the structure that is sore. Here's an image which briefly shows all the things that can change how you feel back pain and how long for. It also can help to explain why with physio treatment a large part is the exercise rehab as this helps retrain not just the structures in your back but your neural system as well.
What isn't low back pain:
Back pain isn't due to something being "out of place'
The joints in your back and covered with a joint capsule and plenty of ligaments, among other thigns. These make the joints very strong and the spine an incredibly resilient structure (shown in the image below). No joints or vertebrae in your spine can go out of place without a huge amount of force.(1)
Back pain isn't always what you see on a scan
Just because a scan shows an abnormal findings doesn't mean it is an issue. Really abnormal findings should be called normal findings as you can see by the graph below!
Any findings on x-rays, MRIs etc have to be matched up with your presentation and be "clinically relevant". This is why current recommendations are that x-ray should not be done within the first 6 weeks unless red flags are present as they generally just aren't helpful.
So, if you have had a scan done and it shows a disc bulge or degenerations. Take a step back and just remember, scan findings like that are quite normal and there are plenty of people that are totally pain-free with the same findings, we just need to get you there.
Back pain, most importantly, is rarely permanent
About 90% of back pain can be resolved within 6 weeks and only a minority lasts past 12 weeks when treated effectively.
Recurrent back pain where you have repeated flare-ups is often thought to be due to a weakness in your spine or permanent damage but there is no evidence to that and most cases are actually due to remaining change in sensation, asymmetrical muscle strength and lack of specific mobility - which can all be addressed.
Could it be something more serious?
Only about 1% of low back pain is due to a sinister cause and then only some of those are things to really worry about. Physiotherapists are trained, as primary practitioners to be able to pick up signs of these. Things like spinal cord compression, cancer etc often have signs which we always look for and ask about. The rule of thumb though is if in doubt, check it out.
So. Don't put up with back pain.
In the majority of cases, with the right active rehab(2), you will get better, stronger and faster with physio, without the need for specialists, scans or just simply putting up with it.

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